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Social Responsibility

We, as Eser Group, meet the obligations in the quality, occupational health and environmental areas of the all fields of activity and projects we perform not only for our society but also for our employers and employees. However, we do not accept these studies as social responsibility; we do consider them as Eser Group’s primary duty. We try to pay our debt to the nature and society within the context of social responsibility.

Especially in the last century, the world is worn out in an irreversible way and mankind took from the nature more than it gave. We primarily aim to decrease the harm given to nature and then to make contributions to the nature. In correlation with this target, we started with our own activities; we built the green building as a single sample in Ankara and one of the pioneers in Turkey in this aspect.

Eser Group, focuses its’ investments on renewable energy sources in energy sector, which is one of the fields our country needs most.  The projects based on renewable energy sources are prioritized by Eser Group in today’s world as the resources are depleting.

>Human health is another subject Eser is concerned about. We, as Eser Group, began to fight against smoking in the first place. Eser covers the charges for the treatment of smoking cessation of the employees who want to quit smoking. We, as Eser Group, aim to provide every kind of moral and material support within the context of social responsibility, as long as our employees volunteer to quit smoking.

Apart from these, we undertake recycling projects for the society especially in Turkey and the countries we carry out projects. While we sometimes support the schools and villages, we are also making planting works at the regions we are working.

Since we are aware of the importance of education for the future of the countries, we give support to various organizations of the universities.

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