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Eser considers strategic alliances as highly important in terms of being competitive, especially in the international markets. We consider partnering different groups in order to be involved in the projects including local, multinational, or specialty contractors, owners, investors, and consultants.


Most of the time, we prefer to work together with the locals, in this way both parties benefit mutually. Locals are the ones who know the market better than anyone else and consequently can manage the local issues and solve lots of problems more easily.


Large consulting and engineering companies working internationally can see Eser as a serious partner both in Turkey, and in the region of its activity.

Strategic Fit: In addition to our marketing competencies, market position, resources management experience and good connections in Turkey and our region of activity, our technical capability would complement the financial and technical capacities of our potential partners.

Eser Group has the experience of professionally working with world leader companies of Europe and America.


As a general contracting company, Eser works in a wide range of construction activities, from heavy civil projects to buildings or industrial constructions to infrastructure works. Working in all different areas and technical projects, Eser frequently becomes partner with specialty consultant companies and engineers, who are very experienced in the technical areas.


The overall process of a project requires the involvement of so many different parties, including designers, builders, owners, financiers, investors, and operators. All or some of these parties, combining their forces with a professional organizational management, adds maximum value to the project and to the parties involved in. Therefore, Eser continuously have connections with different groups and takes most of the offers of cooperation into account seriously.

We believe that the right partner is the beginning of success and we give great importance to the partner selection decisions.

If you think that partnering Eser would be for our mutual benefit, please contact us. Any serious offer presented to our company as an owner, investor, consultant or construction partner will be considered.

To see the values we can add to our partnerships, please have a look at the “OUR ADVANTAGES” page.

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