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As Eser, we believe that major components of our success are our organization and the people who form the organizational body.In our headquarters, our senior and sectional managers are in control of all the existing projects, the potential future projects, and the management of the organization.

The senior managers have the responsibility of directly controlling and supervising the operations in our projects. We believe that the top management's being dedicated to the production is a major component of success and the improvement of our performance.

The sectional managers, who are supported by the senior managers, are involved in their areas of expertise in each project in order to ensure that the works are being performed appropriately and transmit the know-how to the project managers. They are continuously in contact with the project teams and also with the sectional managers of the other areas of a project to manage the coordination of a certain job for its success as a whole.

Eser’s projects are managed by the experienced staff, who are supported, directed, and controlled by the headquarters. We attach great importance to having highly experienced project personnel, informed about not only in the technical areas but also in the culture and the environment of the region they are working in. The project managers and their assistants are chosen from the experienced technical staff who are among the best in coordinating the communications with the owner, project personnel, and the headquarters.

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