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About Eser

Eser, since its foundation in 1986, has been active in the general contracting activities with a main focus on the infrastructure constructions. Promoted by a professional team highly experienced in international construction, Eser aims to undertake technical construction projects internationally and to be a competitive player in the geographical regions where it carries out its activities.

We are an experienced firm both in superstructure and infrastructure (Including dams, irrigation systems, residential buildings, industrial plants, water and waste water systems, hydro power plants, tunnels, pump stations, drainage systems, highways, ports, bridges, viaducts, natural gas systems, energy lines, telecommunication facilities etc.). Our group is formed of 20 companies, 10 of which are located abroad, with a main focus on construction, consulting engineering and energy businesses.

Eser actively works internationally and is mainly interested in the markets of the Middle East, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, former Soviet Countries and Africa.

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