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Quality, Safety and Environment

The Quality Policy of Eser is:

To be the guarantee for its employees and clients with the continuously improving service quality and productive working environment; to obtain customer satisfaction by applying the engineering sciences in production with the latest technologies.


- Is committed to undertake engineering services scientifically in any part of the world,

- Performs its production on time and on budget, with the condition of realizing the necessities of engineering technologies, satisfying its customers completely and applying modern technologies,

- Forms a creative working environment for its employees and gives priority to their career developments and participation into the production process,

- Aims to keep the hardware and human resources necessary for the production, to develop these resources frequently, and to be the leader in its sector,

- Follows the production continuously, solves the problems on time, before they are turned into customer complaints.

Our Environmental Policy

Our policy is to be environmentally responsible in construction activities on sites. Minimizing any effect our activities may have on the environment, is a prior aim.

Therefore, we are committed to:

•Following the related laws and regulations 
•Trying to prevent pollution 
•Providing training for the employees with information on environmental issues 
•Creating a positive environmental culture within the Company 
•Taking action with appropriate control measures when environmental hazards are identified 
•Welcoming all the constructive comments from the third party organizations regarding the aspects that may improve environmental issues.

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