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TUBITAK Supported R&D Project of ESER

Through the R&D support program of TUBITAK (Turkish National Scientific Research Institute), Eser’s R&D Group has been executing the “Intelligent Exergy Management Based Automation Algorithm Development and Web Based Benchmark Creation for Energy Efficient, High Performance Buildings” Project on Eser Green Building.

With the project, improvements are achieved in the efficiency and continuous development plans of Eser Green Building, and new sensors are installed throughout the building.

With the 2 calorimeters, 3 card read water meters, the rainwater, gray water and domestic water consumed in the building are point specific measured; with the meteorological station, immediate outside weather conditions (temperature and moisture, wind strength and direction, solar energy falling per unit area) are determined to be an input for the algorithm of the automation system as accurately.

The data reached is used for the optimization and improvements of the building, and a very important database is created for use in the systems of future buildings.


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