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The most important resource of Eser is our creative, dedicated, and innovative employees. As a company dealing with a wide range of engineering and consulting activities internationally, we need various professionals with sound backgrounds, enthusiasm and an international perspective to carry us to our aims.

In order to maintain and increase our activity in the markets we compete, Eser Group is always in search of qualified candidates. The professionals of the engineering, construction, business and management related areas are frequently employed.

Please take a moment to check the organization and values of Eser.

If you believe that:
•our organization is suitable for you 
•you can add value and diversity to our teams 
•you are open to change and able to lead changes there might be opportunities for you to work with us.

In addition to your background and personal skills, applying to an international company, speaking especially Russian, French, Arabic or any other international language in addition to Turkish or English may increase your chance to be preferred.

If you are willing to use your talents to work for a company that offers diverse opportunities in the international markets, please fill in our job application form.

We are looking forward to see you as a part of our family.

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