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As Eser, we are using the latest technologies in our field, most effectively. We see ourselves to be highly competitive in the markets of our activities. However, there are certain things that we believe make Eser different and better:

a. Rapid Decision Making:

Eser's owners are also the top managers of the group, who are very experienced engineering professionals. As the owners are directly involved in management and decision making, conclusions can be set very rapidly and effectively in Eser. In most important situations, when bureaucracy in our rivals’ organizations results in decisions of very long periods, Eser can solve problems very fast in critical conditions, with the rapid decision making process it has.

b. Our Personnel:

The engineers and managers in Eser are among the best professionals in the industry. With bachelors and masters degrees from the most respected local and international universities, each individual at Eser is expected to create difference and add different perspectives to his/her teams.

The majority of our engineers and managers can communicate in English, and/or the language of the country that they are working in. They all have international perspectives.

We believe in Eser that working with best professionals is the path to success. Continuous development and information/knowledge sharing are our key strategy of gaining the most from our Human Resources.

c. Diversity of Our Services:

Eser has the resources to offer all the services necessary for the completion of a project. With our sister companies, from feasibility studies to design, and construction to installation, Eser has all the services integrated within its body. Not only can we work faster with this diversity of services, but also we can perform more effectively, and deliver a better value in our projects.

d. Location and Regional Culture:

Eser's existence in the center of the intersection of Middle East, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Africa gives us a great advantage to reach and manage the projects in the mentioned regions. Not only the distances, but also the cultures are closer for us. Being a company with the understanding of different regional business mentalities, we have fewer difficulties and are more successful than our rivals, in the foreign markets of the region. With the shared culture, history, and similar geographical conditions, adaptation is definitely is more successful for us.

The flexible project culture in Eser means: “Don’t try to force your way of thinking to an environment; but first, try to understand its mentality. This is Eser's idea in managing projects in different cultural environments. We believe that “understanding” is the first step to leading and success.

At Eser, we translate the language of professional business, into the business language of the developing countries that we work in.

e. Utilization of the Resources:

With lower costs, but best qualities, we can reach the resources such as human resources, materials and equipment very effectively, in very short times. With our past experience and network of relations in our activity region, mobilizing the right resources effectively creates a significant value in our projects.

f. Understanding the Developing Countries:

The majority of the countries that Eser has its existence are the developing countries. As a company headquartered in a developing country and working in the developing countries for years, we are the experts of doing business in the emerging economies.

We know how to deal with bureaucracy, which is a major problem in any developing country. The complicated problems and the patience necessary in solving them are what we are experienced of.

With our past relations and previous performances in the developing markets, we can reach success easier, and result a better value for our customers. We have been working successfully in very competitive markets with very difficult formalities for long years. In similar environments abroad, our experience gives us an important competitive advantage.

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