Letter 2 From the R&D Manager

Dear Scientists,

In December, in the 100th anniversary of General Relativity, I sent an article to you called “Universal force-motion equation and solar system implementation” (UF_ME_25MAR16_rev2.pdf).

The article introduced a couple of novelties to the traditional gravitational concept. In summary:

  • The “Universal force of equation” developed in the article extends Newton’s Law of gravitation by implication the effects of linear and spin motions of interacting bodies (dynamical equation).
  • The “Universal motion of equation” makes the Newton’s law of motions needless and defines the motion of equations in the simplest form.
  • The new “force field (gravitation) propagation law” simply extends the Kepler’s third law of planetary motion and makes it having a revolutionary meaning. Namely:
    • In a balanced two body systems a harmony is a must between the force field propagation time from source to an effective point and the period of the body affected (the harmony law).
    • With this harmony only, a stable force relation is possible between the bodies which are millions km of apart from each other. i.e. it completely solves the mystery behind the instantaneous remote influence which is a problem both in Newton physics and in GR.
    • This “field propagation law” brings to end also, the mystery behind the secured orbits of electrons around the nucleus of atom. i.e. the time harmony in cosmology stated above is the counterpart of allowable orbits phenomenon in micro cosmos.

The 1st and 3rd items above delineate the universality of the theory and show that the theory is capable of the unification of physics within a single paradigm.

The revised version of the article is attached which also includes the application of “harmony law=T/t” to Earth-moon stable system and calculation of theoretical equivalent of T/t which is: 3√2 π

A pdf file including all mathematical details regarding the article contend is also attached for concerned readers (Math for UF_ME.pdf). An excel file is available upon request for the scientist who are willing to study in details and to test the theory directly.

For enthusiasts two of my previous works regarding the gravity is available in http://www.eser.com/en/rnd.

The title of my next article will be “Who is rolling the planets?” which explains spectacularly and clearly why the celestial bodies spin as a splendid application of this new theory.

Please stay tuned.

Best regards,

Ahmet Yalcin

R&D Manager

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